Art Direction, Brand Storytelling & Design


"Natasha’s brave use of illustration, inspirational and original design, and an ability to think on her feet, saw one judge declare that many film directors would kill to have her creativity and resourcefulness."




Natasha has worked in the creative industry for the best part of a decade. Her career culminated in the design leadership at the UK's multi-award winning weekly women’s magazine, Stylist. After art directing the magazine for three years, she left to establish her own branding consultancy – bringing quick-paced, smart design thinking to brands in need.

Taking fast turnaround and battle-tested editorial process to the wider branding exercise, Natasha's imaginative insight enables products, services and brands to tell their unique visual story through every stage of the branding effort. By transforming the traditional ad agency/design worker model and by making the most of her network of top industry talent, Natasha is currently making waves across multiple markets including food, fashion and beauty.

Natasha prides herself on concept creation, visual strategy, creative leadership, art direction, talent commissioning and brand identity. She has an innate ability to take the seed of an idea and transform it into a fully crafted end product in a very short timeframe; be it on the pages of a magazine, in the art direction of shoots or in the crafting of brand experiences.

To be able to tell a visual story through branding is a very powerful thing and one that can shift common perceptions quite dramatically. Tell the story stunningly well and those perceptions will change forever.


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